Code of Conduct

All Experts of eMa must affirm that they understand and commit to the Code of Conduct by accepting below.

1. Commit To Your Peers and Colleagues Code of Conduct Introduction 
  • You contribute your expertise and experience for the benefit of your peers through active participation in all meetings and events.
2. Treat Other Experts With The Highest Respect and Attention  
  • You agree to provide priority responses to all communications and inquiries from fellow Experts.
  • You agree to treat all other Experts equally as peers, embracing a diversity of perspectives, to include: business, geographic, cultural, age, gender and ethnic and religious backgrounds.
  • You agree to treat eMa Experts, management, vendors, clients and partners with safety, respect, an open mind and mutual spirit of goodwill.
3. Act with Integrity and the Highest Ethical Standards in Your Personal and Professional Life 
  • You are an eMa Expert at all times, both in your professional and personal life.
  • You agree to disclose any apparent conflict of interest between outside business and eMa.
4. Adhere to the Confidential & Non-Disclosure Policy  
  • You agree to ensure all activities pertaining to each business is contained within each account. Furthermore, in the case of known competitors, extra precaution will be taken by assigning different experts to accounts to ensure no overlap.
  • You agree to hold confidential information received with strict confidence and exercise a reasonable degree of care to prevent disclosure to others.
  • You agree to never disclose or divulge, either directly or indirectly, confidential information to others.
5. Support a Culture where it is Safe to Share Ideas and Perspectives Openly
  • You agree to presume goodwill and positive intentions of Experts and clients, listening and providing honest feedback.
  • You agree to personally and proactively address disagreements and counter-views directly with Experts and clients on a one- to-one basis in a respectful exchange.
  • eMa will not intervene or otherwise get involved in any private disputes between Experts, including, but not limited to, disputes arising from personal transactions. 
6. Honor the Privacy and Confidentiality of Experts and their Experiences 
  • Personal and confidential Expert information, and comments from Experts and resources are confidential.
  • You agree to respect the privacy and confidentiality of all eMa Experts to include conversations, presentations, idea generation or sharing of documents, assessments or strategies. 
7. Adhere to the Non-Solicitation Policy  
  • You are encouraged to make business connections, but agree to not sell products or services, seek special advantages or raise funds from others on an unsolicited basis, to include charitable, personal, business and political causes.
  • You agree to support a respectful and collaborative learning environment for eMa team Experts.

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